30 Double

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Choose our largest size t-shirt quilt and cover your double bed.

  • Double Bed Size - 1.5m x 1.8m
  • T-Shirts Laid out Flat and Square Across the Quilt
  • T-Shirt Logos Arranged in the Same Direction
  • Logos Across a 0.3m Grid
  • Suitable for 15 - 30 T-Shirts
  • Super Soft Fleece Backing
  • Choice of Colour Backing

Free postage kit with every quilt! We send you instructions, labels and a prepaid addressed envelope. You just put your t-shirts in it and drop it off at one of the 6000 Collect + stores around the UK.

So how many t-shirts do I need?

  • 30 Double = 30 sides of t-shirt.
  • (A side of a t-shirt is either the front AND / OR the back of the t-shirt!)