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After 6 years of university, a few ski holidays, plenty of sport team trips and t-shirts, the wardrobe was full. Each t-shirt a memory of a good time, sporting achievements and time well spent with friends.

What happened next, nothing... Those t-shirts sat in the draws for a few more years. Then, the t-shirt blanket was created!

Early in 2017 I decided to see if this idea had legs, and started Too Many T-Shirts.

Too Many T-Shirts commit to reducing waste where ever possible. Upcycling and re-purposing rather than wasting. Hand-made here in Bristol, UK.

The t-shirt blanket, memory blanket, t-shirt quilt. What ever you like to call it is a nostalgic way to celebrate the memories, and good times behind your t-shirts.

I knew the process of parting with your precious t-shirts would be difficult. We want to make that process as easy as possible, that's why every blanket includes a free postage kit. It's everything you need to send in your t-shirts.

This business is work in progress, and after one year we want to continue to grow. Please get in touch if you have any questions or suggestions. I'm very happy to help!

Simon - Too Many T-Shirts

Simon Bellamy | Too Many T-Shirts

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