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The £40 Blanket

£40.00 £40.00

With your help, Too Many T-Shirts are aiming to create a zero waste ecosystem. What this actually means is that we re-use, re-purpose and upcycle all of our waste materials.

This blanket is made from 100% upcycled materials, then lined with a fleece backing of your choosing.

No two blankets will ever be the same, nor will they be identical to the ones pictured. You choose a colour palette of your liking and we hand-make you a unique upcycled blanket!


Too Many T-Shirts | The Matthew Tree Project

With "The £40 Blanket" we are not interested in making a profit for the business. We just want to cover our costs, repurpose some materials, a give a little back to the local community. That's why we're giving £10 per blanket back to The Matthew Tree Project. We're also hoping to do a skills exchange in the future, giving some of their clients a new opportunities and chance to pick up some textiles skills.