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Where are Too Many T-Shirt's Blankets Made?

Your blanket was hand-made in Bristol, UK. We pay ourselves the Real Living Wage.
We are only really interested in serving the UK, and Europe. Why? We don't agree that shipping a bag of t-shirts half way around the world, and a blanket back, is necessarily the best for the environment. If you're based in the US you may want to look at Project Repat for something a little more local.

Environmental & Social Commitments

Upcycling Vs. Giving

This is an interesting discussion. First we need to start with the 5 R's of waste management.

  • Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Re-purpose (Upcycle), Recycle

They should always be considered in that order. So reusing (giving / donating) your clothes should be a priority over re-purposing? Yes?

It's not as black and white as that, and there is more to the reality of donating your clothes.

In the UK an estimate 70% of what we donate, via charities, clothes banks etc. is shipped overseas. The international second hand clothes trade equals £2.8bn.

So first there is the carbon footprint of the shipping of this second hand clothes.

Where does it go then? Poland, Ghana, Pakistan, Ukraine, Benin, Kenya, Hungary, Togo, and others

Whilst giving your clothes to these less developed countries may seem charitable. There are more downsides. Our second hand clothing is often worn, inappropriately sized for those local people. But worse sold for so cheap. This cheap clothing undercuts their own economy and traditional clothing productions.

In Dr. A. Brooks book - " Clothing Poverty". Textile and traditional clothing production dropped 80% in Ghana from 1975 - 2000.

Too Many T-Shirts | Upcycling vs giving

Donating to charity forms a value source of income for them. Consider the full after life, and journey of your clothes. We believe, upcyling forms part of that process. Is local, has lower airmiles. Reduces economical and environmental impact on less developed countries.

Material Lifecycle

So what happens to Too Many T-Shirt's offcuts, and the rags from my t-shirts?

Too Many T-Shirts | Material Lifecycle

We're aiming for a zero waste ecosystem where everything finds another purpose. We want to reduce what's reclaimed to electricity and make more upcycled products. You can browse what we're making so far here.

1% For The Planet - Think Global

We've teamed up with 1% For The Planet. We'll be giving away 1% of all our sales to environmental causes. Think global.

The Matthew Tree Project - Act Local

We're going to be donating the profits from our upcycled products to The Matthew Tree Project. The project is local to Bristol. They offer invaluable support to their clients. We hope to collaborate on a skill exchange in the future. More on this in the near future! Act local.